Honey & Coupe get ROCKED!

This Sunday, March 1, 2015, Honey & Coupe are participating in Portland Bride & Groom's ROCKED Event. We are delighted to be participating this year. We are looking forward to breaking the assumption that wedding have to be template and white. This year were are creating a vignette inspired by an equestrian library at the end of the BIG DAY. Veils and ties are strewn, cigars have been smoked, the blissful couple has retired to their boudoir. And so, though our presentation may not be what is typically seen at a bridal show, we embrace the playfulness of showcasing what we are capable of; striving to create unique, delightful and authentic environments that step outside of the expected.

Is it also an exciting day as this is where we will be unveiling our first two products from our signature line MERCATO. The first is a natural beeswax candle, scented with Grapefruit, Rosemary and Bergamot essential oils. This light and delightful scent is perfect for any occasion, or as a day-to-day infuser for the home.

The second of our signature items are our Dessous de Verre, Fine European Leather Cocktail Mats. They are a lovely adornment for your cocktail glass. Designed and finished by our hand, three distinctive styles, each the mark of genuine refinement. Sangiovese is hair-on-hide in a glamorous, deep wine color. For us, it recalls old hollywood, ala Lauren Bacall. Saddle is a beautifully rich leather in a buckwheat honey hue. Coming in both a crepe and smooth finish, it was inspired by the equestrian culture of the late 19th century. Ostrich is our nod to the exotic. Embossed and colored in tones of the dessert, we love them for their romantic, far-flung appeal. 

Both our signature candle and the Dessous de Verre are a perfect indulgence or hostess gift. Available soon on our website, in the MERCATO section. 

Look back next week for the highlights of the ROCKED event!