Hommage to Bouchon

There is something luxurious about an egg atop a salad or sandwich, the silky rich yolk, a decadent flourish.  I was reminded of this luxury on a recent trip to Las Vegas. 

If you are into food like I am - okay, some may say obsessed - Las Vegas is a dream destination.  I am not much of a gambler, but I do adore the over-the-top glitz and the abundance of world-class restaurants.  I’ve dined on Tasmanian Ocean Trout and epic Wagyu Beef at Nobu, Tuna Tataki at Sushi Samba, Foie Gras pops at American Fish, and perfectly seared Ribeye at CraftSteak, all deliciously exquisite, but alas, my love for the French bistro reigns supreme.  If afforded an opportunity to dine at Bouchon, I jump at the chance. 


I first discovered Thomas Keller’s delightful bistro while on a restaurant research and development trip to northern California.  I fell in love the second I walked in to the perfectly appointed eatery.  Greeted by a zinc raw bar, tall Kentia Palm trees, and the quintessential mirror lined walls, I knew I was in for a treat.  I will never forget that meal, salmon rillettes and boudin blanc served with elegance and grace - I wanted this place to be my “where everyone knows your name” place.  Since Chef Keller has not seen fit to open a joint in Seattle or Portland, I am relegated to experiencing his genius upon my travels.

On this sin city visit, I nestled up to the bar, ordered a glass of Crémant, and settled on a BLT tartine with a fried egg - decadent, in every way.  Bouchon, you are a beautiful bistro, and I am madly in love. 

Thomas Keller's BLT-Fried Egg-Grilled Cheese Sandwich