About Honey & Coupe


We desire to create uniquely rich and genuinely personal events. We strive to evoke the senses, promote joyfulness, and elevate the experience of taste and luxury to the highest levels, while remaining rooted in authenticity. From the visual elegance of an affaire, a product, an adventure, to the flavors, tastes, and manner in which you receive your service, each element is an opportunity to show you that our paramount priority is your satisfaction and delight. To invite you to our literal and symbolic table is to make you our honored guests and to treat you as such. We are committed, artistic professionals who simply offer an exalted standard of hospitality, service, and products.

Company Background

Honey; Being born in the early 70’s, we were raised by mothers who pioneered the natural, local food movement.  Long before ‘organic’ and ‘slow foods’ were household terms, we purchased from local farmers, had abundant back yard gardens and were nourished on whole foods.  Refined products, especially sugar, were not to be found in our homes.  Read More

About the Founders


I spent my early childhood in the woods and meadows of rural Oregon. There, we grew our own food, canned preserves and vegetables, cooked wildly extravagant meals in our outdoor kitchen and bathed in the cold river that ran behind our home. When I was a bit older and we tumbled out of the dusty back roads and into the city, I came to live in an old, large Victorian house in the foothills of Northwest Portland... 

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It all started - over 20 years ago - with amazing friends and a heart-shaped waffle iron…  

Large gatherings of loved ones and new friends were de rigueur in my childhood.  Anti-nuclear protests, equality marches, and hippie gatherings lent reason for meals en masse; whether because of financial necessity or the notion of a utopian society, potlucks... 

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